Reno Restaurants

Reno is the city for foodies because not only are there amazing restaurants in the Reno casinos, but Reno Midtown, Reno Riverwalk, Lake Tahoe and even Downtown Reno offer a variety of restaurants and a plethora of local food.

From local sandwich shops like Sup, to great breakfast from Two Chicks to local cuisine from Campo, you will not go hungry. In fact, not only will your hunger be satisfied, but your palate too!

Sushi, steak and pasta oh my! Reno restaurants have everything a hungry stomach needs when visiting the Biggest Little City. Plan your Reno vacation today because your stomach is grumbling and it deserves some flavor.

A gigantic Colossal Burger: Courtesy of Circus Circus Reno Burgers are More than Burgers in Reno Midtown - A burger is just a burger, right? Wrong. When in Reno, especially the popular Midtown District mere minutes from Downtown Reno, this classic diner staple becomes exceptional. A burger can be made of anything with an assortment of toppings served in a different Reno location. Midtown Eats: This restaurant serves everything from fresh salads to … Continue reading Burgers are More than Burgers in Reno Midtown
Martinis at Roxy: Courtesy of Eldorado Hotel and Casino Reno Libations are Where It’s At - When in the Biggest Little City of Reno you have to live it up, and for those over the age of 21 that includes some truly amazing bars and pubs right here in Downtown Reno. Go over the list below and be sure to add some or all to your own to-do list when you … Continue reading Reno Libations are Where It’s At
Midtown Eats in Midtown Reno: Courtesy of Midtown Eats Hip Restaurants in Reno Midtown - Want to visit a restaurant that is new to you while in Reno? Who wouldn’t, and there are some amazing options right down Midtown in Reno. Sup: Soups, salads and sandwiches oh my! As the name suggests the soup is a must-try. These are fresh and creative soups made each and every day. Pair the … Continue reading Hip Restaurants in Reno Midtown
Gino the Soup Man Fall in Love with Soup - This fall find some comfort in soup, the perfect meal as the weather starts to get a tad bit cooler. Who doesn’t love soup? With a variety of restaurants serving soup and a variety of soups, you are going to have a full belly! Here is a list of Reno restaurants to help you choose … Continue reading Fall in Love with Soup
Delicious Food and Samuel Adams - The Steakhouse at Circus is known for its impeccable service and exquisite cuisine, and regularly throughout the year the staff of the restaurant pulls out all the stops and plans a truly decadent dinner to be paired with beer, wine or any other fancy beverage. This Reno restaurant does not disappoint. October 8th was the most recent … Continue reading Delicious Food and Samuel Adams
Awful Awful provided by Visit Reno Tahoe Late Night Eats Reno - Reno is definitely one of those cities that doesn’t sleep, and if you are one of those people who is a night owl  looking for late night eats in Reno then look no further. Here is a list! Golden Flower Reno: Located on West 5th Street, this is right next to Circus Circus Reno. They … Continue reading Late Night Eats Reno
La Vecchia Reno Nontraditional Christmas Meals in Reno - Whether you are traveling to the Biggest Little City of Reno or you are a Renoite, you are probably wondering: “if Christmas dinner is set, what should I eat the day before?” Great question! Whether you are with family, friends or even by yourself, here are some great Reno staples to consider the days before … Continue reading Nontraditional Christmas Meals in Reno
Brewery Stops in Reno - If you are traveling to Reno, or even a Reno citizen, you will want to know where the brewery stops. That is, if you’re over 21 and like beer! Not only are brew stops a fun thing to do in Reno, but many include food, making these fantastic Reno restaurants too! The Depot: Located on … Continue reading Brewery Stops in Reno
Pho So Good! - January still has some bite in the air with your scarves, gloves and large jackets. So the best meal for cold weather is undoubtedly soup! We already covered some amazing soup places in Reno, but now we are going to talk about Pho soup and the great places to get some. Pho Mein: This is … Continue reading Pho So Good!
Valentine’s Day in Reno with a Steakhouse - You have a week to plan Valentine’s Day. If you do not have any ideas at all for this special day, do not fear. Here are some amazing local steakhouses in Reno, right in Downtown! Call them today, and cross your fingers, to get your reservation in! If not, may we suggest a picnic by … Continue reading Valentine’s Day in Reno with a Steakhouse
Courtyard Buffet Circus Circus Reno Home Means Nevada, Home Means Buffets - Yahoo made a list of the foods that represent each state, and Nevada didn’t just get one, but the whole buffet! If you make your way to Nevada, especially Reno, you’re going to want to taste all the city has to offer. What better way to do this than with a buffet? Local buffets offer … Continue reading Home Means Nevada, Home Means Buffets
Sushi is on a Roll in Reno - If visiting Reno, you are probably excited to take advantage of all-you-can-eat. Not only is all-you-can-eat an amazing option, but there are so many amazing sushi restaurant options in Reno, too. Bring your chopsticks, your love of seafood and your adventure for sushi rolls and be ready for a delicious, and filling, time. No need to … Continue reading Sushi is on a Roll in Reno

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