Reno Entertainment

Reno attracts big name entertainment! Visit The Biggest Little Blog for your comprehensive list of all the entertainment happening in the city of Reno. From concerts to comedians to theater shows, the Biggest Little City has something for everyone when planning what to do in Reno. With many venues in the city, we can attract a lot of entertainment at one time!

Schedule your visit around huge entertainment or even be spontaneous and take in a show while you’re already here. Either way you are set to have fun in Reno. Reno attracts all the big names and even bigger entertainment so you will go home with amazing memories and fantastic stories. Plan your vacation today!

Reno Events Center: Courtesy of Visit Reno Tahoe. Concert Venues in Reno - There are many concert venues in Reno, bringing amazing entertainment to the city and an opportunity for you to take a vacation or staycation. Below is a list of some of those amazing concert venues in town in order for you to plan your trip to Reno. Reno Events Center: From pop superstars to headlining … Continue reading Concert Venues in Reno
Cruise Night outside Circus Circus Reno Hot Cars and Hot Times in Reno - Visit the Biggest Little City, your place for Reno Events! But, how about Reno Entertainment? You bet Reno has you covered! With all those cars in Downtown Reno and plenty of other vendors there will also be free concerts happening throughout the event. Visit the JamPro Music Factory stage on Virginia Street between 5th and 6th … Continue reading Hot Cars and Hot Times in Reno
Rascal Flatts, Newco Rascal Flatts Rocks the Biggest Little City - Rock out with Rascal Flatts in Reno, the city that brings amazing entertainment! Since their musical debut in 2000, Rascal Flatts has sold over 22.5 million albums and 28 million digital downloads, delivering 15 #1 singles to the top of the charts. They are the most awarded country group of the past decade and on Thursday, … Continue reading Rascal Flatts Rocks the Biggest Little City
Party, it’s Halloween! - Halloween is the night, or month, for parties, so we selected some hauntingly good times for you. There are plenty of Halloween-themed things to do in Reno. Remember to visit nightclubs in Reno as well on the night of Halloween or even the night before for some other dancing venues. As always, haunt responsibly. Wild Erotic … Continue reading Party, it’s Halloween!
Wizard World Comic Con Brought Talent and Fun to Reno - Those adventurous folks who live or traveled to Reno were in for an amazing treat this past weekend, November 20-22, 2015. Happening at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, this fun thing to do in Reno brought the masses: the self-proclaimed geeks, the proud nerds and the avid collectors for an event with everything. Including panel discussions … Continue reading Wizard World Comic Con Brought Talent and Fun to Reno
Grab Your Drinks and White Beards, Santa Crawl is Here - December offers so many great things to do in Reno, don’t believe us? Check below for a plethora of Reno events and Reno entertainment in the one and only Biggest Little City. December 7-12: The 2016 Olympic Team Trials for Men’s Boxing will take place December 7-12 (13 if needed) in Reno, Nev. The first four days … Continue reading Grab Your Drinks and White Beards, Santa Crawl is Here
Zoot Suits and Chamber Music in Reno - Christmas is close! Whether you are traveling to Reno or you even have family who traveled to Reno to visit you, you’re probably wondering: “What things can I do in Reno?” Plenty! Here are some samplings of the amazing Reno entertainment there is in this city happening just this week. December 26-31: The Nevada Chamber Music … Continue reading Zoot Suits and Chamber Music in Reno
Reno Entertains - Reno brings the entertainment. Actually, better than that, Reno consistently brings the entertainment. Reno brings the shows that make you weep weeks later at the thought of how beautifully it was done. Reno brings the concerts that make you smile like a fool while at work, remembering the excitement of it all. Reno brings the … Continue reading Reno Entertains
Paint Reno Green - If you are a lover of beer crawls, a lover of the color green or just frankly a lover of Reno, you must already know about the Leprechaun Crawl! For the rest of you, here is the info for an amazingly fun thing to do in Reno and even where to go in Reno. The … Continue reading Paint Reno Green
Reno is Carried Away with Carrie Underwood - April 8th at the Reno Events Center Carrie Underwood will perform to a sold out venue, and Reno couldn’t be more excited! If you have some tickets, share the photos of you and the concert on Facebook and Twitter! Seven-time Grammy winner and Pollstar’s three-time top female country touring artist, Carrie Underwood, who just released her … Continue reading Reno is Carried Away with Carrie Underwood

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