Sushi is on a Roll in Reno

If visiting Reno, you are probably excited to take advantage of all-you-can-eat. Not only is all-you-can-eat an amazing option, but there are so many amazing sushi restaurant options in Reno, too. Bring your chopsticks, your love of seafood and your adventure for sushi rolls and be ready for a delicious, and filling, time.

No need to stress yourself, we are going to prepare the list for you.

  • Kokopelli’s Sushi: Located inside a Mexican restaurant may seem like an odd idea, but not until you try the sushi options like the ceviche roll, a perfect combination of fresh sushi and amazing Mexican flair. There are so many other rolls too, so make your decision an easy one.
  • Sushi Sake: Located on the patio with Roxy, you can now choose a fancy martini and sushi at one table. Yum!
  • Reef Sushi and Sake: Sushi at this restaurant comes with a view of the river and what is better than that? There is even a sushi roll made with steak. Yeah, it’s that amazing.
  • Jazmine Reno: If you are venturing further outside of Reno, consider Jazmine. The ambiance will take you where “East meets West,” so in other words, an amazing dining experience.

Now that you have the list, plan your sushi adventure. Be sure to shout out the restaurants on social media and share your photos. Yum!

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