Courtyard Buffet Circus Circus Reno

Home Means Nevada, Home Means Buffets

Yahoo made a list of the foods that represent each state, and Nevada didn’t just get one, but the whole buffet! If you make your way to Nevada, especially Reno, you’re going to want to taste all the city has to offer. What better way to do this than with a buffet? Local buffets offer everything from local vegetables to ethnic dishes and restaurant favorites. All you need to do is grab a plate and fill up!

Here are some of the great buffets you have to look forward to!

  1. The Courtyard Buffet: This gem is inside Circus Circus Reno in the heart of Downtown Reno. From the fresh salad bar that includes build your own Caesar, Spinach and tossed green salad fixings, to the stir-fry and noodle bar where you choose your ingredients and the chef prepares your dish while you wait, it will be a challenge to decide which station to visit first.
  2. The Buffet: Inside Eldorado Reno, this buffet offers a wide variety, featuring favorites like pizza, freshly baked desserts, breads, pastries and omelets. The Buffet serves food fresh from the Eldorado’s own bakery, butcher shop, pasta shop and gelato factory.
  3. Flavors! The Buffet: This buffet inside Silver Legacy has everything you need in a buffet. Friday night’s seafood buffet is a spectacular mouth-watering bounty from the sea. Saturday night is International night – and don’t forget the Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch.


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