Reno Arch

Selfie Stops in Reno

Selfies are all the craze, and if you have been living under a rock, I will fill you in. With your phone primarily (although a camera can do) a selfie is when you hold the phone and take a picture of yourself, usually of your face. With that said, you want your selfie game to be on point, so here are some popular Reno landmarks, perfect for your selfie debut, and a perfect thing to do in Reno.

  1. The Reno Arch: Located in the heart of Downtown Reno, the Reno Arch cannot be missed. This is on Virginia Street, between Eldorado Reno and Harrah’s Reno and is the perfect backdrop for your selfie. If you plan to do this while standing in the street, watch for cars. Don’t be that person who gets or hit or holds up traffic. Be safe, and take the photo from the sidewalk.
  2. Eldorado Fountains: These fountains are gorgeous and have everything you need in a fountain. This is another iconic spot to take a selfie, presenting the perfect backdrop for any photo-op. This is super easy to find. Go inside Eldorado to the second floor and walk toward Silver Legacy, these fountains are right by Roxy, so why not grab a drink? (If you’re 21 that is.)
  3. Silver Legacy Mining Rig: The infamous Silver Legacy dome is not empty, inside is a mining rig! There are lights, and elegant machinery. Snap your photo here and explain to all your friends the thing behind you. It is a sight to be seen while in Reno.
  4. Topsy the Clown (Or the elephants or tiger or lion!): Circus Circus Reno has a couple amazing selfie spots. The first is Topsy the Clown, this gigantic neon sign is right on Virginia Street outside the Circus Circus Reno doors. It has the biggest little smile, 14-feet across to be exact. Inside, you can find elephant statues (who sometimes sport outfits) located by Dos Geckos Cantina and there is a lion and tiger statue by the north parking garage. These are all prime selfie spots.

Can you think of any we have not included? Let us know and share your photos with the world! There are so many fun things to do in Reno and so many amazing things to see.

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