Reno Entertains

Reno brings the entertainment. Actually, better than that, Reno consistently brings the entertainment. Reno brings the shows that make you weep weeks later at the thought of how beautifully it was done. Reno brings the concerts that make you smile like a fool while at work, remembering the excitement of it all. Reno brings the reason to visit, and with something happening each and every week, you are going to want to visit.

There are so many different venues around town, some we have already spoken about like the concert venues,  museums and we have even spoken about a variety of Reno Events. But you’re wondering, what reason is there to visit this month? We’ll do you one better, here are reasons!

Visit Silver Legacy and you can catch a variety of different shows ranging from Mike Tyson to Jim Jeffries and even Ramon Ayala.These shows are for February, there are even more than that through the year. Check out their schedule on the website to pick your vacation!

You can even visit Eldorado Reno for some more amazing Reno entertainment, like Footloose! The four-time Tony Award nominee “Footloose” is dancing its way to the Eldorado Resort Casino, January 19 through April 17. This timeless tale based on the Oscar-nominated film features exciting dances, a heartwarming story, and of course, explosive rock and roll music.

These are some amazing shows, and just think, with Valentine’s Day, there will be plenty of other local festivities!

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