Reno Murals Bring Magic to the City

Art adds beauty to the world, and Reno is Artown!

For those not familiar, Artown is a month-long event that happens in July bringing art events, concerts, plays, dance performances, free art events, food events….(a lot in a month!)

Art Spot Reno is all about the art too! This organization supports local businesses and organizations that support the arts, and with murals all around the city, there are several businesses! If you travel to Reno, or are a local who has a free afternoon, download the map from Art Spot Reno and travel up Virginia Street, through Midtown, for some amazing art pieces–without going to a museum!

Don’t forget Downtown though! There are some amazing murals in the thick of casinos too, most notably the Mural Wall at Circus Circus Reno.  This annual event features seven new artists each year who duke it out in a 24 hour event where they must finish a mural in that given time frame. Photographed are the murals from July 2015, but the murals from 2014 are printed and hanging inside the casino–they are that beautiful. In July of 2016 we will have seven new artists and seven new murals. These pieces are only temporary so you need to make sure you see them before they’re gone!

There is so much art in this city, you just need to know where to go in Reno to see it all. That is where I come in. I will make sure you are in the know on these things to do and see in Reno.

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