Brewery Stops in Reno

If you are traveling to Reno, or even a Reno citizen, you will want to know where the brewery stops. That is, if you’re over 21 and like beer! Not only are brew stops a fun thing to do in Reno, but many include food, making these fantastic Reno restaurants too!

  • The Depot: Located on E Fourth Street, this is an old railway building, lending both space and charm for a fantastic meeting place! They have a range of beers from Pilsners to ales and everything in the middle!
  • Under the Rose: This was the first brewery to sprout up on Fourth Street. Their beers are served in a wide range of places and they have some great seasonal beers! The tasting room is open Wednesday-Sunday.
  • Pigeon Head Brewery: Featuring a fun website and an even funner mascot, this place has everything you need from a brewery: beer! Located on Fifth Street, the tasting room is open Wednesday-Sunday as well, available to do what they suggest, Get Lagered!
  • Brew Brothers: Located in the heart of Downtown Reno inside Eldorado Reno, this place is a brewery, restaurant and nightclub, all tied up in one! Brewmaster, Greg Hinge returned to The Brew Brothers from the 2014 World Beer Cup with a bronze medal for the “Lou” brew, which was recognized out of 40 entries in the “Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer” category. Nice!
  • Silver Peak: This has been a staple on Wonder Street (a very short distance from Downtown) since the early 1990s. Dishing up food and pouring out beer, a second location opened on Sierra Street, right in Downtown Reno too!
  • Brasserie Saint James: Located on Center Street (again a very brief distance from Downtown) the owner of this location also owns Saint James Infirmary on California. Both are hip locations with, you guessed it, amazing brews.
  • The Brewer’s Cabinet: You can book the beer garden? Where do we sign up!? This place is on the corner of California and Arlington, right on the outskirts of what is deemed Downtown Reno. It has food too, and is a must-try!

Whew, you are going to be busy trying all these! Keep a score card and let us know your thoughts! Remember, there is always something fun to do in Reno and there are always amazing Reno restaurants!

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