Best Views for New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Reno

New Year’s Eve is days away and we are pumped, are you! If you are in Reno (and if you’re looking for a fun New Year’s Eve, you should be) then you are in for a treat! The downtown casinos shoot fireworks right in the heart of Downtown Reno every year from the rooftops, and this year we are ready to light up the sky for 2016! Fireworks on New Year’s Eve is always a fun thing to do in Reno to ring in the new year, and this year will not disappoint.

So, where does one go in Reno to watch the fireworks?

  1. If you are rooming in one of the downtown hotels, you can view the fireworks from your room. Imagine that, pajamas on and the view from your window!
  2. Party right down Virginia Street in the heart of Downtown Reno! There will be parties happening right on the street, so grab your noisemakers.
  3. A local spot away from the noise is off North McCarran near the University of Nevada, Reno. This no-nonsense area is away from Downtown Reno, but close enough to see the lights in the sky.
  4. If none of these appeal to you, you can always watch it from your living room on TV! The fireworks will be televised, along with a countdown. You won’t enjoy some of the perks of being out on New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fireworks!

Wherever you plan to watch the fireworks, and regardless who you spend it with, we hope you enjoy the firework show! Now let’s raise our glasses and ring in 2016!


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