La Vecchia Reno

Nontraditional Christmas Meals in Reno

Whether you are traveling to the Biggest Little City of Reno or you are a Renoite, you are probably wondering: “if Christmas dinner is set, what should I eat the day before?”

Great question!

Whether you are with family, friends or even by yourself, here are some great Reno staples to consider the days before and after Christmas dinner.

    1. Sushi: If you are in the mood for sushi, try Hiroba Sushi, which has been consistently voted one of the best sushi places in town. Hiroba Sushi is in the foothills above Reno with a cool vibe and wonderful sushi. Address: 3005 Skyline Blvd, Phone: 775.829.2788.
    2. Thai: Bangkok Cuisine is among Reno, Nevada’s finest authentic Thai restaurants. There are two locations, both delicious. They have top reviews from Citysearch,  Yelp and the Reno News & Review. Address: 55 Mount Rose Street OR 5851 South Virginia Street, Phone: 775.322.0299 OR 775.284.3802.
    3. Soups, Salads, Sandwiches: This restaurant has appeared on our lists before because it is that darn good! Sup has Renoites raving about the flavors, so consider this a low-key dining option, perfect if you plan on gorging yourself Christmas Day! Address: 669 South Virginia Street, Phone: 775.324.4787.
    4. Breakfast: OK, we are warning you, this serving sizes are large! Perfect for someone with a large appetite or even someone who plans on sharing with another, Squeeze In has something for everyone. Their menu is eclectic and kooky, the menu names are super fun! They serve lunch items too, but breakfast is where it’s at! Address: 502 Las Brisas Blvd OR 25 Foothill Road Suite 3, Phone: 775.787.2700 OR 775.853.6090.
    5. Contemporary: Looking for contemporary American, but inspired by cultures around the world? 4th Street Bistro has your dinner ready! They even have quote the wine collection so be sure to order a glass or two (or even a bottle!) if you’re old enough. Address: 3064 W 4th Street, Phone: 775.323.3200.
    6. Mexican: Add some fiesta into your holiday meal plan before or after the big day with Bertha Miranda’s. This restaurant has been in business since 1984 and is family owned. Using the family’s experience from Chihuahua, Mexico they bring the flavor to Northern Nevada. Address: 336 Mill Street, Phone: 775.786.9697.
    7. Mediterranean: Hummus, falafel, gyros, oh my! These authentic flavors will take you to the Mediterranean and Naan and Kabab is your guide! This is perfect for a small lunch or even a full dinner. Address: 2740 South Virginia Street, Phone: 775.825.3113.
    8. Italian: Looking for pasta? Who isn’t! Pizza? Yes! Visit La Vecchia for your Italian fix while in Reno for delicious food and amazing views of the Reno skyline. Italian born and trained, Chef Alberto Gazzola brings the essence of northern Italian cuisine to La Vecchia’s table. Address: 3005 Skyline Blvd #160, Phone: 775.825.1113. 

Phew! You have quite the restaurant list to get you started. Save your leftovers!

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