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Late Night Eats Reno

Reno is definitely one of those cities that doesn’t sleep, and if you are one of those people who is a night owl  looking for late night eats in Reno then look no further. Here is a list!

  1. Golden Flower Reno: Located on West 5th Street, this is right next to Circus Circus Reno. They are open until 3 a.m. every day, plating up your pho soup, noodles, rice, egg rolls and everything else that is delicious. Perfect late night food for anyone.
  2. The Little Nugget: If you’ve heard Reno in conversation you have most likely heard about the famous Awful Awful. This is the place to get it, and it is open 24 hours and is in the heart of Downtown Reno off Virginia Street. Expect big burgers, lots of fries and other amazing diner staples from this greasy spoon. Yum!
  3. Noble Pie Parlor: Pizza, wings and salads– oh my! When it is late and you are craving pizza, look no further. This place is open until 5 a.m. Friday and Saturday, 3 a.m. Thursday, 2 a.m. Wednesday, 12 a.m. Monday and Tuesday and 9 p.m,. on Sunday. Phew, that’s a list! They are on West 2nd street, which day or night is a quick walk from any major casino in Downtown Reno.
  4. Main Street Deli: This is a classic deli right inside Circus Circus Reno. Open until 3 a.m. on weekends you can grab anything from sandwiches to donuts to pizza to bagels to soup to…well, you get the picture!
  5. Café Central: Open 24 hours right inside Silver Legacy, this classic restaurant has its own late night menu with all the appetizers and other favorites you will enjoy!
  6. Millies24: This restaurant is as the name implies, open 24 hours! Not only does it have fantastic late night eats, but late night desserts too! Salivate over the cases of cakes and other pastries or even pine over some gelato. Yum!

You have your Reno restaurants covered, so go have a late night out and keep these restaurants in mind once you’ve done your fantastic Reno things to do!


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