Reno is Dog Approved

Always down for a walk, always happy to see you and always with a tongue out – no we don’t mean your sibling, but (wo)man’s best friend, the dog! Reno is dog approved, and we are here to tell you how.

Next time you travel take your pooch with you and visit the Hound Hotel at Circus Circus Reno. Circus Circus has a total of 14 kennels, conveniently located across from the Sky Tower Lobby. Each is climate controlled to keep the pooches comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.  Forgot an essential item at home? Check out our great selection of dog necessities in the 24 hour Veranda Store.

But there is more, each individual kennel is equipped with surveillance cameras to provide owners a convenient view of the behavior and certainly mischievous antics of their beloved pet from the comfort of their own hotel room.

Reno has so many great places to walk your pooch, too. Here is a short list:

  1. The Truckee River: this is in the heart of downtown Reno and is a perfect walk for looks of downtown with your pooch.
  2. The University of Nevada, Reno: this campus is gorgeous and mere minutes from Circus Circus Reno. Enjoy the sights and the lawn maintenance.
  3. Lake Tahoe: this is a brief drive from Reno, but there are so many places for your dog to lift his leg!
  4. Rancho San Rafael: there is a dog park and there are even hiking trails for the adventurers. Forgot doggy bags? No worries! There are many posts where you can acquire some.
  5. Huffaker Park: this is a  9-acre park known for a 1.7-mile walking and running trail with scenic views and native plants. This is perfect for those looking for something a little less strenuous right in downtown Reno. 

Visit Reno, and remember your pooches! A walk is always a fun thing to do in Reno.

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