Gino the Soup Man

Fall in Love with Soup

This fall find some comfort in soup, the perfect meal as the weather starts to get a tad bit cooler. Who doesn’t love soup? With a variety of restaurants serving soup and a variety of soups, you are going to have a full belly! Here is a list of Reno restaurants to help you choose your meals.

  • Sup: Order a cup, a bowl or even a quart! The soups change every day but they offer traditional favorites like chicken noodle, tomato bisque or broccoli cheddar. Looking for a more adventurous soup? Try the gumbo, gazpacho or pork enchilada. Pair your favorite soup with a sandwich, a bread bowl or even a salad. Yum!
  • Great Full Gardens: Featuring Gino the Soup Man soup, a local legend, you will find yourself finding him legendary too!  Always featuring his Totally Tomato, with tomatoes he grows, he also offers some crazy options like Fired Up Apple Curry, Aztec, Chayote Chowder and much much more. This guy loves soup and you can tell. The restaurant features a full menu of many other items and you can even purchase his soup at premium retail stores in Reno!
  • Dish: This restaurant has been featured on the Food Network! Visit them to see why. Using fresh organic ingredients to create a menu you will crave. With salads, sandwiches and soup–what else could you possibly ask for? The soups change daily, but are homemade and delicious!

There are so many other places that offer soup, and we haven’t even entered the Pho soup territory yet! Stay tuned for more Reno restaurants and more delicious options.

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