Midtown Eats in Midtown Reno: Courtesy of Midtown Eats

Hip Restaurants in Reno Midtown

Want to visit a restaurant that is new to you while in Reno? Who wouldn’t, and there are some amazing options right down Midtown in Reno.

  1. Sup: Soups, salads and sandwiches oh my! As the name suggests the soup is a must-try. These are fresh and creative soups made each and every day. Pair the soup with a delicious sandwich or even a fresh salad and you have yourself a delicious meal no matter what season.
  2. Midtown Eats: Open for lunch, brunch or dinner there is a delicious menu no matter what time of day. Be sure to grab a cocktail from their bar as well, these are unique libations to whet your whistle.
  3. El Salvador Restaurant: This is a small hole in the wall that dishes up big tastes! Enjoy an authentic pupusa among many other El Salvador favorites. This is certainly a restaurant you must stop at when in Reno.
  4. Great Full Gardens:This is a healthy restaurant that does not skimp on flavor. Featuring the amazing Totally Tomato soup made from homegrown tomatoes, you will be in heaven. Pair the soup with a grilled cheese for that elementary school-feel. Or enjoy a Great Full bowl filled with yummy veggies.
  5. Laughing Planet: This is not the only place to find a Laughing Planet restaurant, but it might be the best. They believe in the principles of a more environmentally conscious, community-driven world, and they deliver that message alongside some amazing food. Featuring wraps, burritos, salads and more you will be in love.

A yummy adventure is just a few minutes away from Downtown Reno, so make sure you visit Midtown Reno when you visit the Biggest Little City of Reno.

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