Things to Do in Reno Starting August 13

The middle of August is still hot, and we don’t just mean the weather. (Although remember sunscreen!) We are talking hot events! Here are your list of things to do in Reno starting today when planning your trip to Reno, or even for those Reno natives looking for some fun!

  1. Saltoriya: This is a new show at Eldorado Resort and Casino comprising awe-inspiring internationally acclaimed performers, acrobats, daredevil stunts and comedy in an exhilarating, uplifting experience. Show times are at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday with an additional show at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. The theater is dark on Monday.
  2. Reno Aces: It is still baseball season and we love our Aces! Check out their website for a full calendar, Fridays they shoot fireworks!
  3. Reno Gay Pride: This pride event is happening August 15th at Wingfield park, a gorgeous park only minutes from Downtown Reno. The festivities begin at 11 a.m. and go thorough the evening. Guests will enjoy a full day of live performances and entertainment on the amphitheater stage, shopping with unique vendors, a beer garden and food!

    Like we promised, there are always things to do in Reno, so plan accordingly!

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