Martinis at Roxy: Courtesy of Eldorado Hotel and Casino

Reno Libations are Where It’s At

When in the Biggest Little City of Reno you have to live it up, and for those over the age of 21 that includes some truly amazing bars and pubs right here in Downtown Reno. Go over the list below and be sure to add some or all to your own to-do list when you travel to Reno.

  1. The Chocolate Bar: Chocolate and alcohol? Well that is quite the combination and one that is all delicious. Order fresh truffles or request their famous chocolate fondue and pair the whole thing with a signature cocktail. Oh, they serve delectable lunch and dinner too, but you cannot go to The Chocolate Bar and not have the famous chocolate and beverages!
  2. Lincoln Lounge: Cool bar? Check. Huge beer selection? Check. Awesome presidential theme after the one and only Abraham Lincoln? You bet! Not only is this unique, but it is awesome. If you visit, and you certainly should, you have to order a beer in a Lincoln Stein. You will love the antique furniture and their website (linked above) includes the only things you need to know about the bar!
  3. Ceol Irish Pub: This pub brings Ireland to Reno touting impressive beer and whiskey selections to whet any whistle. The pub schedules a variety of fun events including quiz nights and even live music. They even have amazing weekly specials. Bring your Irish accent and order a beer!
  4. Roxy: This bar is right inside Eldorado Hotel and Casino in the heart of Downtown Reno. Roxy’s Bar & Lounge is famous for its 102 martinis and selection of 350 wines and has won the prestigious DiRoNA award and the Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence.” Plus, visit for Happy Hour for $5 martinis!
  5. Imperial Bar and Grill: With all this alcohol, you are going to need some food and quick! This last, but certainly not least, bar has mouthwatering drinks and pub food! Visit in the summertime and you can sit right next to the large open windows and enjoy the famous Reno summertime weather.


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