A gigantic Colossal Burger: Courtesy of Circus Circus Reno

Burgers are More than Burgers in Reno Midtown

A burger is just a burger, right? Wrong. When in Reno, especially the popular Midtown District mere minutes from Downtown Reno, this classic diner staple becomes exceptional. A burger can be made of anything with an assortment of toppings served in a different Reno location.

  1. Midtown Eats: This restaurant serves everything from fresh salads to the main event burgers! An Atomic Burger is served with Painted Hills Ranch beef, avocado and chipotle aioli. Yum! Or enjoy a lamb burger, an elk burger, a bison burger or even a Portobello burger! Yum!
  2. Campo: House-cured salami? Cheese from around the world? Homemade pasta? Yes, yes and yes! You know what else they serve? An amazing burger paired with bacon jam? You read that correctly, bacon jam. It will change your life.
  3. Brasserie Saint James: A restaurant popular for the cocktails, also serves up a mean burger. Substitute a veggie patty or even lettuce for the buns while still loving the havarti cheese and smoked tomato jam. This is adult ketchup and it is delicious.
  4. Silver Peak Grill: This restaurant has three locations, one of which focuses on pizzas. All delicious. The lamb burger, a twist on a regular burger, has kalamata olive salsa and goat cheese. Did I just take a vacation to Greece?
  5. Old Granite Street Eatery: This restaurant serves up a delicious burger. There are now specialty cheeses or crazy condiments, but the burger is wood grilled. Have you experienced a wood grilled cheese burger? It turns a burger into a BURGER!

Midtown District offers a variety of amazing restaurants. Stay tuned for later blogs and we will attempt to highlight them all! Or, better yet, travel to Reno and experience the amazing food for yourself. Can’t send delicious tasting food through a wifi signal, at least not yet.

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